The basic quality and service ideals by which it stands has elevated Moz Environmental to a proud position of leadership in waste management and associated environmental services on the sub-continent.

The company comprises a number of operational divisions, each considered experts in their field. The synergies that exist between these divisions allow Moz Environmental to present itself as an holistic environmental services provider. Every aspect of its sustained development has successfully integrated its people, facilities and infrastructure into a cohesive force able to provide its customers with truly holistic waste management solutions. Solutions based on proven systems and practices that are at the same time cost effective and environmentally sound.

By developing a superior knowledge of those customers and their needs, the company creates and delivers a wide range of innovative products and services that build sustainable working relationships based on mutual trust and confidence.

The company understands that many of the challenges it faces are unique to the African environment. The response to those challenges it faces are unique to the realities of the situation on the ground. A balance between the utilisation of cutting-edge technology and the ongoing need for sustainable job creation is evident in every aspect of its operations.

Moz Environmental has been built on the character of its people and through them commits itself daily to the highest standards of performance, integrity and business practice.